I am Fernando Baptista, from Lisbon, Portugal

I am a freelance programmer and web designer and, thanks to the Internet, i can offer my services to anywhere in the world.


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About Me

I am a systems engineer, with 15 years programming experience and 5 years web design experience. I'm used to make things work as eficiently as possible and exactly according to the client needs. I don't adapt existing systems to new requirements. I design them from the start to get the best produtivity and user workability.

Internet can boost your business or make you look bad compared to your competitors. Your website should never look unprofessional or just another website like many others. Such website would be a liability instead of a help.

Have a professional do it for you

You know you need a good presence on the internet. A flashy website doesn't necessarily mean a flashy business, but an amateurish website can make you look bad and hurt your business.

Some things must be made by professionals. Your website is certainly one of them, if you want it to help you instead of being a liability. I make websites that look and work professionally. You have special requirements? Don't worry, I can develop the adequate aplication for your needs.